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Essex Retired Police Dogs Fund

We have been financially helping retired police dogs for over 9 years.

We have been pleased to help several other Local RPD Charities

to set up and successfully support their dogs.

We hope you enjoy finding out about our work; along with others, in leading the way to deliver ethical local support for these exceptional dogs





Since 2012 we've helped

56 Retired Police Dogs

(201 different times of need)

Some just once

Others up to 21 times

With money towards Vet & Welfare Costs

Over £57,500 to these Exceptional Dogs


Thank You   On behalf of us ALL




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2022 Calendar Dogs


Retired Police Dog Katie

June 2022

Katie a Labrador/Retriever served from 2016 tp 2018

as a Passive Drugs Dog.

She started her career training as a Guide Dog

but had issues with tennis balls,

so she was switched to policing.

She even had a spell on TV.

Katie was retired to her new family where

she spends her days trying to persuade

everyone to play with her tennis ball,

or she is swimming in the river.



Member of

Association of Retired Police Dog Charities




National Foundation for Retired Service Animals




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