Here we will pay tribute to

Essex Police Dogs

that have sadly passed away.

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Essex PD honoured here

We will Remember Them

RPD Comet

Passed away

3rd February 2024

Tactical Firearms Support,

Tag & Drag, General Purpose Dog.

Overall champion of Essex Police Trials in 2019.

Comet retired to his handler

PC Barnard and family.

Comet was a big dog with an equally

big personality.

Comet had very strong opinions!

He loved his family.

Comet was adored by his family and will be missed every day.

RPD Fidget

Passed away

9th January 2024

General Purpose Dog.

Served 2012 to 2016.

She won the Force Trails in 2015.

Fidget had an excellent service record as a Police Dog with her handler Paul Nicholls QPM.

She retired to her puppy walkers Kip & Tracy where she used her talents in mantrailing sessions just for fun.

Fidget had a wonderful retirement and she supporting ERPDF on many occasions.

She passed away surrounded by her family and she will be forever remembered with love and pride.

RPD Ralph

Passed away

23rd November 2023.

Drugs, Cash & Weapons Recovery

Served 2009 to 2023.

Ralph had a long and happy life both as a working police dog handled by Amanda Pollard, and in his retirement

he was loved by Ruth and Simon and by Ann and Ray.

Ralph appears on ERPDF promotional literature, he has attended many fundraising events where he was loved by all - he has helped raise many thousands of pounds for his fellow RPDs.

Ralph passed away in the loving arms of Ann and Ray and will be sorely missed by all.




RPD Frankie

Passed away

25th October 2023.

General Purpose Dog.

Served 2012 to 2019.

She won Force Trial Tracking Trophy.

Obedience Trophy twice and always finished in top four.

Frankie was a excellent Police Dog.

In retirement she stayed with her handler and family.

Frankie was a constant supporter of ERPDF and along with her handler has helped raise thousands of pounds for her fellow RPDs.

Frankie was adored by her family, Amanda & Chris, she is so greatly missed by them & all who knew her.

Always remembered with pride & love

RPD Riley
Passed away
29 September 2023
Drugs Cash & Firearms Recovery Dog.
Retired Jan 2020 at 10yrs old.
Former handler Mike Baldwin.
Riley was rehomed to Matt Frisbee
a Special Constable.
Riley was so loved by his family.
A handsome ambassador for ERPDF.
RPD Freya
Passed away
29 June 2023
Brood Dam 2008-11
Mother of 3 Essex Police &
1 Manchester Police Dog.
Freya retired to her Kennel Carer
Helen Brown.
Freya loved her retirement with
Helen & Stan where love & fun were in abundance.
Freya was a great supporter of
ERPDF supplying us with wonderful photos of her lovely life.
Freya will be so greatly missed by
her loving family.
RPD Scout
Passed away
28 Jun 2023
Explosives Search Dog
Served 2010-15 
Scout searched many venues, including VIP venues such as the 2012 Olympics with his
Handler Sgt Paul Screech.
Scout was an excellent PD who adored family life with his new family Tim & Emma.
A wonderful ERPDF ambassador & Front Cover Dog for our 2023 Calendar.
Scout was muched loved and will be much missed.

PD Millie

Passed away 9th May 2023

Served 2012 to 2021.

Cadaver dog.

Handler PC Kevin Lloyd and

Handler Sgt Ben Savory.

After a very successful career Millie was rehomed on retirement to her new family Kevin & Helen.

She loved her retirement - sitting on the sofa cuddled up to Kevin.

She found a new role of going to work with Kevin each day in his van; telling people off if they cam too close to her van.

So sadly missed by all who loved and admired her.




PD Bruno

Passed away on

1st May 2023.

Bruno loyally served Essex Police

for 7 years, making his handler extremely proud throughout.

Bruno retired to live with his

handler PC Kevin Lloyd and

family to Dorset, where he was

a much loved family dog.

PD Sirus

14th April 2023

Retired Police Dog Sirus

passed away.

General Purpose Dog.

Retired in 2020

His handler PC Adam Bowden.

Sirus was retired to Zoe,

where he had a wonderful time with her other dogs.

Sirus was an excellent Police Dog who became a loving & loyal family member.

PD Studs

25th August 2022

Retired Police Dog Studs

passed away.

Served 2011 to 2016 as a

General Purpose Dog.

Chief Constable's Commendation

for saving a man's life.

A brilliant Police Dog and 

Loving Family Dog.

Studs retired to live with Ian & Dee.

Studs was a great supporter of ERPDF and regularly appeared as a star guest.

Studs was an amazing dog and will be remembered with love & pride.

PD Cody

19th June 2022

Retired Police Dog Cody

passed away.

Served 2010 to 2017 as a

Tactical Firearms Support, Public Order & Passive Attack Dog.

Two Chief Constable Commendations.

Tracked 9 offenders after one of the largest jewellery thefts and recovered nearly £3m. 

Cody retired to live with his handler Mick Finch.

Cody loved any game with a ball and he also loved his two cat buddies.

During his career Cody was admired and loved by all who witnessed his skills on the job.  Such a noble and loyal dog - always remembered and will be missed every day.


PD Tex 

27th May 2022

Retired Police Dog Tex

passed away.

Served 2016 to 2021

General Purpose and

Tactical Firearms Dog.

He had a fantastic career winning the Force Trials and Man Work Champion and runner up twice.

On the street Tex was a well like and respected police dog. As a team Tex and Handler achieved over 300 arrests and assists with over 30 bites.

He received a Chief Constable's Commendation for his apprehension of two members of a serious crime gang. As well as being an outstanding thief taker Tex had the ability to become a big softy and was a big favourite on visits to schools and displays due to his approachable side.  Tex received outstanding care from the staff at Writtle University Canine Clinic and went on to retire with one of their amazing staff, Lauren Hunt.  Tex became Lauren's pride and joy, he had the best of care and love with regular visits from Luke. 

Tex will always be remembered as the outstanding police dog who had a large loving heart.




Police Dog MITCH

4th April 2022

Mitch Died in Service

After a very short illness PD Mitch passed away.

Served 2017 to 2022

Our thoughts are with PC Magin and family.

Mitch was loyal and fearless, he had served faithfully for seven years on the frontline.

Always remembered.

  PD Rocky 

  3rd Sept 2021

  Retired Police Dog Rocky

  passed away.

  Served 2008 to 2015 as a

  General Purpose Dog.

  He apprehended many offenders,

  retrieved stolen goods and found

  missing people.

  Rocky retired to live with his handler

  and her family.  Rocky supported

  ERPDF throughout his retirement 

  and was a fine ambassador.

  He was a much admired PD.

  Rocky was at the centre of his

  family and is deeply missed.

PD Switch 

29th March 2021.

Retired Police Dog Switch

passed away.

Served 2007 to 2014 as a

Search Dog for Drugs

Cash & Firearms.

Switch had a very successful career and

was a loyal servant for seven years.

Switch was re-homed on retirement to

Val she said:

"He has been an amazing friend these last 7 years, very cheeky, loved testing my ability to think laterally, loved playing ball and running free with all his dog and human friends.  He absolutely loved other dogs and people, especially children,  couldn't ask for more.
I shall really miss him."   SWITCH  2006-2021  (15 years).


PD Zip

12th April 2021

Aged approx 17yrs.

Retired Police Dog Zip

passed away.

Served 2007 to 2012 as a

Search Dog for Drugs

Cash & Firearms.

His handler PC Tony Mayo rescued Zip from abusive owners. Recognising his potential Zip was entered into the training programme and passed out with his handler.

Among his many successes he found a shotgun and balaclava resulting in the suspects receiving an 11yr prison term. Zip can be seen in action from his appearances on Police Interceptors.

Zip, known fondly as zippy, was re-homed on retirement to Su - she said "He had a heart and the courage of a lion and has been through a lot. He had a tough start, rescued from a travellers site. Worked for Essex Police as a search dog, and we were lucky enough for him to spend his retirement with us. He has left a huge hole for a small dog. Code 11 Zip."


PD Cesar

19th October 2020

Retired Police Dog Cesar

passed away.

Served 2012 to 2017 as a

General Purpose, Tactical Firearms Dog.

His handler PC Graham Nuth was very

proud of Cesar.

Cesar was an extremely loyal yet affection dog.

He achieved great success in Dog Trials.

In the job he was responsible for 76 arrests,12 bites. Cesar was rehomed on retirement and began a new life with Tim & Emma and his old pal RPD Scout.  Cesar was a great supporter of ERPDF and very popular. In later years Cesar became best mates with rescue dog Dottie - proving his great capacity to love. Cesar will be much missed and always fondly remembered.

PD Dexter

10th July 2020

Retired Police Dog Dexter

passed away.

Served 2009 to 2015

Dexter began his service

with Essex Police handled by

PC Simon Conquest (retired).

He was was then rehandled by

PC Andy Bailey in Derbyshire Police.

Dexter had an outstanding record as a Police Dog, known as 'The Wolf' and could clear a crowd in seconds.  Dexter retired in Derbyshire to live with his new family DCI David Ball, Gill, Izzy & Ruby. Dexter became a much loved family dog and he will be sorely missed.


1st July 2020 aged 13yrs.

Retired Police Dog King

passed away.

Served 2008 to 2014.

General Purpose Dog

Certificate of Merit 2014.

His Handler was Stuart Casserly. King was rehomed to David & Mary. King was indomitable, indefatigable & so strong.

He was also very soft and gentle.  He was my Very Best Pal.

We miss him so much.

PD Bruno

9th June 2020

Retired Police Dog Bruno

passed away.

Served 2007 to 2017.

A Drugs Cash & Weapons Recovery Dog.

Bruno had three Handlers during his 10yrs

of service - Terry, Debs & Amanda.  He

was known as 'Lucky Charm' due to his 

regular finds.  Bruno was rehomed on

retirement to James & family - the children loved Bruno and he formed a very strong bond with them.

Bruno was an ambassador for ERPDF and attended fundraisers and talks - always the star of the show.  He was much loved by all and will always be remembered with a deep smile.


PD Steffi

19th December 2019

Retired Police Dog Steffi

passed away.

She served a Brood Dam

from 2012 to 2014.

She had two litters that produced many police dogs.

Steffi was rehomed in her retirement to Mark and family. She quickly settled as the centre of attention and loved her walks, playtime and keeping the cats away ! 

Steffi became a social media star with her many antics - she will always be fondly remembered.

PD Cito

16th October 2019

Retired Police Dog Cito

Passed away.

He served 2009 to 2014.

He won the Essex Police

Dog Trials Searching Trophy twice.

He was a Tactical Firearms Dog.

Cito was rehomed on retirement and he lived with two working dogs Ivy & Mo.

He loved swimming and going for walks with his beloved family Jo & Sophie.

Cito was an excellent PD and became a much loved member of his new family.


17th September 2019

Retired Police Dog Orla

passed away.

She was a Drugs Search Dog.

Orla was taken very ill while serving, she  was immediately retired to her handler Paul and family.  She spent her last few days being spoilt with love & treats.

Orla was a much loved PD and will always be remembered for her loyal service and love of life.

PD Shadow

17th September 2019

Retired Police Dog Shadow

passed away.

Shadow served 2008 to 2014.

He won Police Dog Trials in 2009.

Shadow lived all his life with his handler and family. He loved the beach.

 "he had been my best friend all through his life, had saved me on many occasions, as well as saving many others. 

We have loved and treasured every

moment with him. Greatly missed, loved and never forgotten". 

Russ, Amanda, Callum, Karis, Lewis & Abbie.

PD Storm

4th September 2019.

Retired Police Dog Storm

passed away.

He served 2008 to 2015.

A formidable search dog - searching

venues such as St Paul's Cathedral &

Houses of Parliament.

Ever present keeping Essex safe. Storm was my colleague, partner in crime

and pet for over 12 years and I will miss

him immensely. Terry.

PD Shifty

26th June 2019

Retired Police Dog Shifty

passed away.

He served from

June 2009 to April 2018.

Shifty had a very successful career,

including service at Stansted Airport

where he was well known in keeping the public safe. 

Shifty was re-homed on his  retirement where he became a much  loved family member.

PD Argon

4th May 2019

Retired Police Dog Argon

passed away.

He served from

September 2010 to

September 2016.

After a very successful career Argon

was rehomed and became a much

loved member of their family.



21st January 2019

Retired Police Dog

Dhiva passed away.

She served January 2010 to

December 2010.

Dhiva was 10 years old.

She was retired after 

developing epilepsy.

Dhiva was  rehomed and had an amazing life with her new family and she was much loved.  Dhiva will be so sadly missed.


October 2018

Retired Police Dog Travis

passed away.

He served from 2008 to 2012.

Travis was rehomed on retirement and

lived with Leeann & James on the farm

where Travis loved swimming in the lake

and fighting tractor tyres.

Travis was a fantastic Police Dog and a loving member of the family.


On 8th Oct 2018

Retired Police Dog Boo

passed away

Boo joined Essex Police in 2010

having served in HMCR.

He retired in December 2015.

Boo was a pro-active Drugs, Cash &

Weapons Recovery Dog.

Boo had some great finds and was

also a TV star. Boo remained with his

handler Mark and family.


On 4th July 2018

Retired Police Dog JET

Passed away.

Served March 2007 to 2011

General Purpose Dog.

Handler PS Trevor Edhouse.

Jet remained with Trevor and family in his


A fine police dog who was also a much loved member of the family.

Police Dog MONTY

5th May 2018.

PD Monty was taken ill and died 


Monty was 4 yrs old.

Condolences to his Handler

PC Andy Blunt and his family.


On 24th March 2018

Retired Police Dog BUSTER

passed away.

Served Dec 2004 to Sept 2012.

General Purpose Dog.

Handler PC Garry Talbot.

Buster remained with Garry & Claire in retirement.  Buster was a fine ambassador for ERPDF.


On 24th February 2018

Retired Police Dog LOUIS

passed away.

Served 2003 to 2009

General Purpose Dog.

Handler PC Belinda Spensley.

Retired to live with Michelle and eventually her baby son who became Louis' best pal.


On 4th January 2017

Retired Police Dog KOBI

passed away.

Served Mar 2011 to Dec 2015.

General Purpose Dog.

Kobi was first handled by PC Neil Yorke-Wade.  When Neil left the Dog Section Kobi was handled by PC Paul Arthey.  When Kobi retired he was welcomed back home to live with Neil and family.


On 21st November 2017

Retired Police Dog NELSON

passed away.

Search Dog.

Handler PC Elaine Micheals. 

He was re-homed to Paul, Julie & family who loved him very much.



On 18 September 2017.

Retired Police Dog WILSON

passed away.

Handler PC Tony Mayo.

Served Dec 2011 to 8 Sept 2017.

General Purpose/Tactical Firearms/

Tag & Drag Dog.

Wilson remained with Tony & family.


On 21 August 2017

Retired Police Dog KRUGA

passed away.

Served from 2011 to 2016.

Handler PC Andy Gaw

Kruga was General Purpose/Tactical

Firearms/ Tag & Drag Dog.

Kruger retired to live back home with his puppy walkers Lynne & Laurie.


On 20 August 2017

Retired Police Dog BLADE

passed away.

Served 2007 to 2013.

Handler PC Mark Needham.

Blade was a General Purpose/Tactical

Firearms Dog.

Blade retired to live with John.


On 1st August 2017

Retired Police Dog MAC

passed away.

Served Jan 2009 to March 2014.

General Purpose Dog.

Handler PC Mike Baldwin

Mac retired to live with Mike's family Chris

& Ally.


On 27th March 2017.

Retired Police Dog XENA

passed away.

Handler PC Dave Frost.

Xena served as a Brood Dam

from August 2007 to June 2015.

First Litter: Kruga, Wilson, Rio, Studsy,Cesar & Remi in Essex and

with Isla in West Mercia.

Second Litter: Turbo, Tyson Tex & Tia. Xena retired to live with Dave & family.



On 13th March 2017

Retired Police Dog KATO

passed away.

Drugs, Cash & Firearms Dog.

Served July 2009 to March 2014

Handler PC Andy Blunt.

Retired to live with Karen & Matt.

Kato was a fine ambassador for ERPDF




On 3 February 2017.

Retired Police Dog BARNEY

passed away.

Served April 2004 to Feb 2011.

Search Dog for Drugs, Money, Firearms.

Handler PC Jerry Hill.

Barney retired to live with Janet & Garth.


On 14 October 2016

Retired Police Dog ARCHIE

passed away.

Served May 2005 to Sept 2012.

Drugs & Cash Search Dog.

Handler PC Paul Nicholls.

Archie retired to live with Paul's parents

Fred & Jenny where Archie was much loved.

Archie was a fine ambassador for ERPDF.


On 4th October 2016

Retired Police Dog GUS

passed away.

Served Dec 2003 to Feb 2012.

General Purpose Dog.

Handler PC Steve Hutley

Gus retired to live with Steve & Lucy.

Gus was a fine ambassador for  ERPDF.


On 16 September 2016

Retired Police Dog QUINCY

passed away.

Served Jan 2006 to Feb 2012.

General Purpose Dog.

Handler PC Amanda Pollard.

Quincy retired to live with Amanda & family.

Quincy was a fine ambassador for ERPDF.



On 30th July 2016

Retired Police Dog CASPER

passed away.

Drugs Search Dog.

Served Sept 2001 to Nov 2007.

Handler PC Terry Collinson.

Casper retired to live with Ali & family.

Even moving to Australia and returning to the UK with them.

A much loved family dog.


On 11th May 2016

Retired Police Dog REG

passed away.

Reg served with

Handler PS Dan Elford from

July 2005 to April 2014.

Reg was 10yrs on retirement.

Reg was an Explosives Search Dog. He remained with his Dan and Linzi until his final goodbye.

Reg was a fine ambassador for ERPDF.


On 9th April 2016

Retired Police Dog KAISER

passed away.

Kaiser served with

Handler PC Andy Kemp from

September 2008 to August 2013

Police Dog Kaiser received a

Chief Constable's Commendation for

unstinting devotion to duty, loyalty

and an outstanding police career. 

Kaiser retired to live with Tim & Emma. 

Kaiser was a fine ambassador for ERPDF.



On 16th September 2015

Retired Police Dog CLYDE

passed away.

Clyde served with

Handler PC Mick Pickard

Please read about Clyde's

talented & loyal service

on our Stories page. 




On 1st April 2015

Retired Police Dog BOOTS

passed away.

Boots served with

Handler Sgt Neil Phimister.

Boots retired to live with Neil and  

his family.


On 9th June 2014

Retired Police Dog TAZ

passed away.

Served Sept 2005 to July 2011.

General Purpose Dog.

Handler PC Elaine Michaels.

Taz retired to live with Elaine & family.

RPD Taz was instrumental in our fund raising

and he starred in many of our promotional 


'Tazzy' will be greatly missed & always







Police Dog MITCH

4th April 2022

After a very short illness PD Mitch passed away.

Our thoughts are with PC Magin and family.

Mitch was loyal and fearless, he had served faithfully for seven years on the frontline.

Always remembered.

Police Dog MONTY

5th May 2018.

PD Monty was taken ill and died 


Monty was 4 yrs old.

Condolences to his Handler

PC Andy Blunt and his family.

Police Dog GUNNER 

25th January 2014

On Saturday afternoon

PD Gunner collapsed & died  

while playing ball with his handler.  

We send our condolences to PD Gunner's

Handler and his family.

  Police Dog BARON

  25th November 2013 

  On Monday PD Baron had a tragic  

  accident while training and sadly died.  

  Our thoughts are with Baron's Handler  

  and his family.

Police Dog Baron

28th July 2008 - 25th Nov 2013

Beauty without vanity

Strength without insolence

Courage without ferocity

And all the virtues of a man without his vices.

He was my hero, my best friend and my protector. 

Rest in Peace Bazza

  Police Dog EDDIE

  7th February 2012

Served 7th Jan 2009 to 7th Feb 2012.

"Eddie came to Essex Police via a breeders in Germany.
I joined the dog section in 2009 and I picked Eddie from 4 other dogs. What attracted me to Ed was his drive, every time I was with him he would not sit still, he would bring me trigs or anything he could get hold off to promote some sort of game. This drive to play made him the police dog he became.
We passed our Basic course early 2010 and hit the streets of Southend. Eddie quickly established himself as a good street dog as one of his first arrests was detaining a violent male on Canvey who was attacking a Police Officer.
Eddie and I went on to qualify for Tactical Firearms work, he supported armed officers and incidents involving firearms.
Eddie and I also entered the force trails and finished 2nd in Essex qualifying for the Regional Dog Trails where we finished 6th overall just missing out on Nationals by 60 Points.
Eddie was a loving family dog who loved being a Police Dog, unfortunately for him he suffered one too many illnesses and eventually died as a result of being attacked at work by a member of the public dogs, during containment on a premises, he contracted a rare disease which despite surgery kept coming back. He is greatly missed and never forgotten.

Eddie is greatly missed and will never be

forgotten." PC Graham Nuth.


  Police Dog BUDDY 

  11th March 2011

  On Friday PD Buddy tragically

  died in a road accident.  Buddy is

  missed every day by his handler and


Police Dog SPUD

11th July 2009

Served from 15th Nov 2001.

Spud was a close companion who was truly loyal to his handler. An especially good tracker, Spud is credited for saving several lives during his service as well as subduing an assailant who rendered his handler unconscious.

In 2005, he was awarded a Chief Constables Commendation for locating a male for double attempted murder.

He was also a Tactical Firearms Support dog.

He was used for helicopter test flights whilst formulating procedures for the conveyance of Police Dogs.

Off duty he was a loved family member. He died suddenly from natural causes just a few weeks before his planned retirement.

  Police Dog ARROW

  27th June 1997

  PD Arrow tragically died in a car

  accident whilst responding to a call out.

  Arrow was a great dog who performed

  really well in his short career and is still

  sadly missed by his handler and family

  to this day.

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