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Liam's Chelmsford Marathon

Sunday 15th October 2023

Liam's GoFundMe Marathon

                                                                                    RPD Tex

Liam's Chelmsford Marathon

Sunday 15th October 2023


Essex Retired Police Dog Fund is a charity that have been financially helping retired police dogs for over 11 years.

I personally have seen the good work that they do.

Following a long battle with illness, my dog, Taz,

had a severe reduction in his quality of life.

Taz was a strong and proud retired police dog and had

spent the majority of his life protecting our communities and bringing those who threaten our safety to justice.

ERPDF, however, was a rock for my family when we

needed it, not just in regards to the monetary assistance

but also the emotional support they provided.

ERPDF funded Taz’s end of life care meaning he could

pass away in peace and allowed us as a family to bring our friend back home following his cremation.
Running a marathon and raising some money for this charity

is the least I can do after all the work they have done for us.

It's a bucket list challenge that everyone aspires to tackle in their lifetime. To accomplish this feat while doing good for a great charity is something I'm very proud to do.

So please, if you can, donate and help this charity

to continue the good work they do.


GoFundMe Liam's Marathon

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