Fundraisers & Supporters

We are very grateful to all

& to those who wish to

remain anonymous for

their generous support of

these exceptional police dogs

in their retirement


Listed below are only SOME of our supporters



Bake Sale

Nathan baked these goodies and then held three fundraisers in

Chelmsford, Rochford & Southend

offices of Essex Police.

Many thanks to Essex Police for

their support yet again.

Jerry & RPD Copper called in

to thank Nathan for his wonderful

support of RPDs.

Dec 2023.


Non-Uniform Day & Raffle

Manuella gained permission for this fundraiser to be held at

Essex Police Control Room

Fantastic support for RPDs.


30th Dec 2023



Full Chelmsford Marathon

Liam Michaels


Liam completed the 26.2 Miles

raising money for Essex RPDs.

In memory of his own family dog

RPD Taz Page: In Memorium


15th October 2023




70th Anniversary Dinner

Essex Police Dog Section

Fundraiser Raffle and the proceeds from the very happy event were

donated to ERPDF.

Our Patron Lady Ruggles-Brise DL

& The Board of Trustees

were honoured to be part of the celebrations.

Grateful thanks to

Chief Constable Harrington

Inspector Habbershaw


Sara Dean & Hayley Peek

& Thanks to many many more.

13th October 2023




Damian & Anita Partis

Ben Nevis 25th Sept

Scalfell Pike 26th Sept

Snowdon 27th Sept Closed.

Despite bad weather conditions

& closure of Snowdon.

September 2023




Charity Golf Day

Braintree Golf Club

Organised by Paul & Jo Maleary

with support from

Jerry & RPD Copper

Kip & RPD Fidget,

Amanda & RPD Frankie,

Jade & Steve & RPD Razor


Charity Golf Day 16 Aug 2023

16th August 2023




Organised by Sue & Peter Davies and Michael Magin

A great time had by all (in the rain!) including

RPDs Tia & Ruby

(Sausage Quality Control)

4th August 2023


Donations in Tribute to

David Bryan Morris

1929 to 2023

Known as Bry to his family & friends.

Former Inspector in Essex Police.

Great family man and lover of

German Shepherds.

We are honoured to have been nominated as a charity of choice by

Bryan's dear wife Jill Morris

May 2023


Essex Police Student Intake 04/22 Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta & Echo Classes)

Alfie HUNNABLE  (Class Alpha) 

Dean HORTON  (Alpha class)

Gracie TAYLOR (Class Bravo)

Lauren AINSLIE  (Class Charlie)

Charlotte BROWN  (Class Delta)

Monica GATES  (Class Echo)


Presentation Cheque to Trustee Frank Belgrove

at their Pass Out in March. They raised an amazing amount for ERPDF.

All monies received.

May 2023



All About Dogs

Hylands Park


Jerry, Sharon & Sophie with

RPD Copper

Trevor, Sarah, Ava & Oscar with

RPD Roscoe

Peter & Sue with


Zip & family with

RPD Fidget

Claire & family with

RPD Cain

Mandy with

RPD Baloo

30th April 2023


Scottish K9 Memorial


Very kindly made a generous donation - this was because they had successfully completed their mission to erect a memorial. They distributed the remain funds.

We are overwhelmed by their kindness & generosity to ERPDF.

April 2023



Left a legacy to ERPDF.


He loved German Shepherds.


We are extremely grateful to Irene his sister for making sure Frank's wishes were fulfilled.


6th March 2023

Hockley & District Dog Training Club.

Due to circumstances beyond their control they decided to close the club.

Kay Abbey nominated ERPDF to receive some of their existing funds.


23rd January 2023
We are overwhelmed by the donation


Kerv UK


Jay Daniels recommended ERPDF

to receive a charity donation.

11th January 2023



British Petroleum

Very kind & generous

match-funding of

SkyDive (28 Aug 2022)

Damian Partis,

Nick Partis

Phoebe Partis,

Natalia Roberts

Shane Mead,

Andy Hunwicks

Organiser & Ground Support

Anita Partis

2nd January 2023


Making a grand total of




December 2022


Essex Police Dog Section

Sweepstake, Raffle.

December 2022


Christmas Day Dip

Essex Children's Home.

Brave young people &

staff fundraising at

Clacton on Sea

Greeted by Frank as Santa.

25th December 2022

£350 - so far...

Essex Canine Hydrotherapy


December 2022



Benfleet Working Trials Society

Dec 2022




Sadie aged 9 yrs

Completed a 2.5 mile sponsored

bike ride around her village

to raise money for

Essex Retired Police Dogs.

Here with her dogs Axle & Ziggy.


Thank you Sadie for your

very kind support.


Sadie raised


Nov 2022.



Ruth & Greg Plant

Quiz Fundraiser


October 2022



Damian Partis

Nick Partis

Phoebe Partis

Natalia Roberts

Shane Mead

Andy Hunwicks

Organiser & Ground Support

Anita Partis


Special Thanks to

Wiltshire Dog Section

Ian Partington and

Darren Willis & PDs for

Greeting the SkyDive Team


Sunday 28th August 2022

Raised so far

£2,235. [see Jan 2023 above]


Alicia's Obedience Dog Training

Kindly held a fundraising

Quiz Night

July 2022



Benfleet Working Trials Society

Kindly held a fundraiser


July 2022


Movement for Good

Awarded ERPDF


June 2022




Essex Young Farmers Show

kindly invited to join

Essex Police Dog Unit.

Frank - Trustee

Sharon, Jerry & RPD Copper

Ava, Sarah & RPD Roscoe

Mandy & RPD Baloo



22nd May 2022



In memory of Heidi.

A much loved family member.

Though considered for the role

of police dog, she chose to

stay with her mum.

Heidi had a full & wonderful life with Debra, who she loyally shadowed.

A constant friend who left too soon.

Always remembered with loved.

18th May 2022

Kind donation made.

All About Dogs - Hylands Park


Kerry Hodder, Luke Jones,

Frank Belgrove & Elaine Michaels.


With RPD stars - Copper, Roscoe, Cain, Tia and Ralph.

1st May 2022


Essex Canine Hydrotherapy

Fantastic Christmas Raffle

December 2021




Hamper Donated

By Embark on Raw

Embark On Raw

Raffle held by

Completely K9 Hydrotherapy

Completely K9 Hydro

22nd October 2021




Clayshoot & B-B-Q

Held by Sue & Peter

Two teams from

Essex Police Dog Section

Aug 2021






Essex Police

Student Intake V Class 1

Fundraising with

Sales, Raffles, Ice Cream


Virtual Walk from

Chelmsford to Las Vegas (approx 5,228 Miles)

30th July 2021

Raised over



Benfleet Working Trials Society


July 2021



Weald Country Show


All About Dogs at

Hylands Park with

Essex Police Dog Section

RPD Copper, Baloo & Tex helping the fundraising

May 2021

over £1,000 

Essex Police

HQ Chelmsford

Local Policing Team –

C shift

Tuck Shop Fundraiser

March 2021



In Memory


Keith Withers

Keith Withers

Oct 1948 to Jan 2021

with RPD Frankie

From Liz and Clare...
Thank you all for you kind and generous donations in memory of Keith Withers. 
Keith was passionate about the police dogs, from puppy walking, following them as they went to meet their handlers and through training, following their careers and career highlights and into retirement. 
He would have been over the moon at the amount raised in his memory.
It has bought comfort to us as his family and close friends that people have supported the Essex Retired Police Dogs Fund with such generosity.  Liz and Clare "
Essex Retired Police Dogs Fund are honoured to have been nominated to receive donations in memory of Keith - he was a friend and great supporter of our work and we will never forget his love for police dogs; whether puppies, serving or retired and especially his affection for Retired Police Dog Frankie.
Feb 2021

Essex Canine Hydrotherapy

Essex Canine Hydro

Christmas Raffle

Dec 2020


Janet Curtis

Handmade Christmas Card Fundraiser

Nov/Dec 2020


Newland Lodge

Nominated by

Ken Hawkes

23 Oct 2020



Nominated by Susan

for charity award.

7 Oct 2020


PP Raw Dog Food

Rayleigh Essex

Collection by Staff and


7 Oct 2020


Essex Canine Hydrotherapy

Many thanks to Carina & team for their support


Sept 2020



Floors For Paws



26 Aug 2020



Jennie Leeder &

Zoe Clark of

Essex Police

Control Room organised non uniform fundraiser & made a chocolate bouquet with

Monty The Dog to be raffled.

Thanks Jennie, Zoe & Ali

6th Aug 2020


Essex Canine Hydrotherapy


5th July



Alicia of

Alicia's Obedience Dog Training &

Cath of Canine Concern organised

The Online Dogtopia Show June 2020 raised £1,320 for:-

Canine Concern,  Passionate about Hardie Park, and

Essex Retired Police Dogs Fund

June 2020

Each received £440


Tom Hodder

Tom & wife Kerry

adopted RPD Jonno many years ago.

Kerry set up a memorial fund in Tom's honour for donations to ERPDF.

RIP Tom Hodder.

April 2020

WOW - Witham

Legally Blonde.

By kind permission of

Steve Rogers Chairman

collections after each performance by Jerry &

RPD Copper

Feb 2020


Leigh Crime Prevention Panel - Les & Sharon

Presenting donation to

Eric &

Amanda Pollard with

RPD Frankie

21st Jan 2020




Stansted Chamber of Commerce

Auction of signed framed photos of

Cristiano Ronaldo

Jan 2020



Benfleet Working Trials Society


Dec 2019




Special Constables

3 Peaks Challenge


Dec 2019



Essex Chamber of Commerce

Collection at their Christmas Event

by RPD Baloo

5 Dec 2019


Essex Canine Hydrotherapy

Kind donations

Nov 2019

£160 &

Christmas Raffle

Dec 2019



Student Officers

Intake M Class 1

Undertook fundraising

throughout their training.

Cheque presented at

Pass Out on

15 Nov 2019



EP Volunteer Cadets


14 Sept 2019





The Odd One Out

Public House



August 2019




Essex Dog Day

Frank, Ronnie, Jess,

Carla & Rosalie,

Kerry & RPD Jonno

Jerry & RPD Copper

25th August 2019




Co-op Green Token

Cheque awarded at

Wivenhoe Branch to

RPD Studs

24 August 2019





Clay Shoot & BBQ

organised by

Sue & Peter Davies

courtesy of

RPD Tia & Ruby

August 2019



Ingatestone Saddlery


July 2019


Great British Brownie Bake Off at PHQ

Emily & Team

22nd July 2019





Alicia's Obedience Dog Training

held a

Dogtopia Event

July 2019



Benfleet Working Trials Society


7th July 2019



1st Maldon Girl Guides


July 2019





Fat Hen Photo Shoot


5th July 2019



Stansted Chamber of Commerce

Julie & RPD Baloo


20th June 2019



Ecclesiastical Insurance

Movement for Good


June 2019


3 Peaks Challenge

Seventeen Police Officers from Sandon Dog Section

on their days off climbed the three “main” summits in North, Mid and South Wales a walking distance of

17 miles with a total ascent of 2,334 metres.

Took 24 hours to complete -

a tough challenge both mentally & phsyically.

17 May 2019

Raised SO FAR

£5,000 plus and £756 at follow up event

Essex Young Farmers Show.

Sible Hedingham

Dog Show

Eric & Helen

11th May 2019



Cakes & Bakes Sale

Hayley & Mark with

PD Holly & PD Buddy

at Stansted Airport

1st May 2019





Anonymous donation

received on

19 April 2019




Competition at

Sandon Dog Section

Organised by

Joanne & Lynsey

3 April 2019





Ch Insp Ronnie Egan

Ran in the

Colchester Half Marathon

13 Miles in 2hrs 31mins

All for Essex RPDs

24 March 2019




Andy Fidgett with
former PDs Ned & Ozzy

Andy is a retired

Police Dog Handler of British Transport Police.

Donated part of his

Birthday Money.

March 2019




VG Retired Friends

Group for Retired Officers & Staff of Essex Police.

Held a Raffle.

15 February 2019.



Student Police Constables of

Intake I Class 2

Kindly chose ERPDF

to fundraise for during

their training.

8 February 2019




Essex Police Federation

Steve Taylor, Jackie Card

meeting RPD Baloo with her new owner Mandy.

6 February 2019




Kim, Emma & Shenarda

donated huge bag of

dog toys, leads, grooming equipment & coats etc.

20 December 2018.

We will sell these at

Summer 2019 events.



Ian & Dionne with

RPD Studsy

present cheque to

Lady Ruggles-Brise &

Lord Petre

14 October 2018




Student Police Constables of

Intake G Class 1

Kindly chose ERPDF

to fundraise for during

their training.

21 September 2018



Essex Dog Day

ERPDF volunteers

Eric, Wendy, Helen, Simon & Frank.

Star Guest RPD Tia.

26 August 2018.






Oldbury Hill Caravan Site

Counter Collection

26 July 2018






Tim & Emma

Certificate for

Holding a table sale with

RPD Cesar & RPD Scout

4 July 2018



Essex Police Sports Association

Selling ERPDF


July 2018



Ingatestone Saddlery Centre

Desk Collecting Pot

June 2018.




Great Baddow Dog Training Club

Christmas Dance, Raffle & Tombola. 2017/18




Trudy King held

a yard sale & donated

soft toys for tombola.

April 2018



Lent Fundraiser

Criminal Justice Dept

of Essex Police Colchester.

March 2018




Tina Cooper

Shaved Off

most of her hair

& donated it to a

children's charity

Little Princess Trust

& she raised money


Feb 2018





Bake Off at Sandon

organised by:

Jo, Maria & Lynsey

Essex Police Dog Section

Supported by Handlers,

Officers, Puppy Walkers.


Lady Ruggles-Brise DL

Graham Furnival

Frank Belgrove

Winning Cake - "Penquin"

All cakes Marvellous !

4 Dec 2017





Kobi Fundraiser

Nov 2017


Total: £2,862.30p

**Thank You **

Essex Canine

Hydrotherapy for

Retired Police Dogs

& Donations

Nov 2017


Quiz Night by

Alicia's Obedience

Dog Training AODT

Sept 2017


The Essex Lottery Launch Day at County Hall Chelmsford.

Lady Ruggles-Brise DL

Patron of ERPDF,

Jerry & RPD Copper, Eric, Cllr Aldridge Chairman of Essex County Council

& Frank

11 Oct 2017

Stansted Airport Chamber of Commerce


Frank, David,

Lady Ruggles-Brise &

Graham - RPD King

£1,502. (June 2017)





ERPDF Volunteers at Essex Dog Day


27 August 2017



Alicia's Obedience

Dog Training AODT

Onesie Walk fundraiser

February 2017




Stansted Airport

Chamber of Commerce

Ignition On Line

Vicky presenting cheque

to Supt Adrian Coombes

PC Amanda Pollard &

PD Bruno on behalf of   


28 February 2017





 Stansted Airport  

 Chamber of Commerce 

 Chair Julie Budden

 presenting cheque to

 Insp Lee Devall who

 accepted the donation

 on behalf of ERPDF

 January 2017



Ellie Ingram


Supports ERPDF

with superb images

Retired PD Gus

receiving his

Service Medal

10 September 2016


Essex Police

Epping Volunteer Cadets

Held fundraising events

9th July &

10 September 2016



Katimba Canines

Held a Dog Show in

Sudbury Suffolk

30 July 2016




Linda & Tina

Held a stall at

Alresford Fete Essex

2 July 2016





Jamie, Lucy, Emily & Callum

Completed 5k Sponsored Run

3 June 2016







Elmstead WI talk by

Chair of ERPDF Linda & Demo by Dog Handler & Ludo

24 May 2016




Steven Keddy & Sally Morris

Baked a Cake for Kato

to help with vet fees

4 March 2016





  Peter David Day

  Peter was a great animal

  lover - seen here with his

  daughter's dog

  German Shepherd Oscar.

  Peter's family and friends

  set up a memorial fund in

  his honour.

  Peter passed away

  22 November 2015.

  In February 2016 they very kindly

  donated £420 to ERPDF.



  Karen's Sponsored Swim

  of 3 miles

  Karen Pownall

  Completed in 2 hrs 9 mins

  14 December 2015





  Bake Off at

  Essex Police Dog Section

  Sandon Dog Kennels

  on 2 December 2015


Organised by

   Joanne & Maria

   Essex Police Dog Section

   Supported by Handlers,

   Officers, Puppy Walkers

   & EP Animal Welfare Group

   Raised over £255 (2015)


ERPDF Tuck Shop

Saffron Walden

Run by PCs

Supported by Team

Raised over £400 (2015)




  Pier Avenue Players


  Talk by Chair Linda Belgrove

  21 November 2015





  Talk at Engaines WI

  Little Clacton by

  Chair Linda Belgrove &

  PC Pollard & PD Bruno 

  12 November 2015

  Raised over £100






Raffle Winner Milly

with her prize

Big Brown Teddy Bear

Denis chose the ticket


Great support at

Essex Dog Day

30 Aug 2015






Essex Dog Day

PC Amanda & PD Bruno,

Tina, Linzi,Dan & RPD Reg

& Chair Linda Belgrove

30 August 2015






Tim & Emma with

RPD Kaiser

(German Shepherd) and

RPD Scout (Labrador)

Held a mini Dog Show.

Being presented with a

Certificate of Thanks by

ERPDF Chair Linda Belgrove

Raised £251 (2015)





Pippa Reeve &

Sam Kempley

Ran Hordon on the Hill Run

10 km on

28 June 2015

Raised over £300






Completely K9

Canvey Island

Sponsored Dog Swim

Raised over £2,240 (2015)





La Cava*


Sponsored dinner

Talk given by

Chair Linda Belgrove

Raised over £400 (2015)

Richard Boyd DL (on left)

arranged the fundraising

meal at:

*La Cava, Wivenhoe.

Special Guest Lord Petre

(on right) (2015)




Joanne, Maria & Helen

Sandon Kennels

Essex Police Dog Section

Sponsored Bake Off

Raised over £240 (2013)

Raised over £250 (2014)

Raised over £255 (2015)



Eric Adams & family

in loving memory of

Ann Adams who was a

core member of ERPDF

Donated over £350 and

The Ann Adams Cup

to be presented to the

Calendar Front Cover

Photo Winner each year.




Prettygate Primary School

Holding the Certificate from

ERPDF in recognition of

their fundraising

Raised over £160 (2014)



Alicia's Obedience Dog

Training AODT

Right - Lady Ruggles-Brise

Our Patron.

Left - Steve & RPD Gus

Raised over £250 (2013)




Alfie Beardie


with £2 Tuesday

Raised £132



Essex Police Dog Section

60th Anniversary

Sponsored Dinner & Dance

Raised over £400 (2013)



Luke Warrington

pictured with RPD Taz

Sponsored swim

Raised £210 (2013)




Trudy King

donated her birthday 

money to ERPDF

£250 (August 2013)




Ingatestone & Fryerning

Cub Scouts

pictured with RPD Taz

Sponsored Silence

Arranged by Elaine Michaels

with Linda Belgrove &

PC Amanda Pollard.

Raised £410.50p (2013)

Registered Charity No. 1158745 Essex Retired Police Dogs Fund 

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